Using promotional T-shirts the right way

Brando in t-shirtA T-shirt is a garment that will never go out of style, the best thing about it is that it can be worn in any type of weather hot or cold. Even though T-shirts are generally worn as casual attire, they can also be worn with suits for a formal occasion. The T-shirt first became commercially popular after Marlon Brando wore one in a movie in the 1950s and in the 80’s Don Johnson made a fashion statement by wearing one with a suit.

The name T-shirt was formed due to the shape of the garment’s outline. T-shirts were originally worn as undershirts but have come a long way since they have become a medium of self expression with the use of imagery, words and art. As usual businesses have found a way to enable the T-shirt to be used as an advertising medium and it is proven to be an effective one. Advertising on T-shirts is proven to make an impact on potential customers, although it will not make people run to the phone and purchase the promoted product or service as soon as they see it but it will be picked up soon and retention span is longer.

There are a few areas that printed T-shirts need to be focused on when used as promotional material. Firstly it needs to include striking graphics so that it will stand out and catch the attention of people. Since the space is limited the graphic need not be complicated but it needs to create an impression. Another thing about promotional T shirts is that the printing quality needs to be high quality and the graphic should be neat.

The next area is that there should be a story behind the image. Usually people select a T-shirt that they could relate to therefore they identify the graphic on it. The story has to communicate directly to the wearer and connect with him.

When promoting an event, for example a festival it is easy to accomplish this task. The T-shirt can be linked with the name of the event, a logo etc. When doing images for advertising it is a bit more complicated since the graphic needs to be more professional as well as compelling.

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