Unusual but effective marketing ideas

Rubiks cubeUnusual but effective marketing ideas

Have you heard of the Rubiks cube? A simple marketing idea that your customers can not put down. Have you logo or message printed on to our various Rubiks items from the traditiona 4×4 cube to USB pen drives and keyrings. have a look in the ‘Fun Items’ section of our Promotional Items catalogue.


Printing T shirts for employees has been an age old marketing technique for many businesses. The great thing about the method is the ability to make your name know even if you are operating with a few employees or with a larger employee base. Take a delivery business for instance, if you have distributed company T shirts among your staff members, they will attract the attention and will probably have people calling you up for information. The process of getting a set of company T shirts printed is incredibly simple, cost effective and fast. An online service such as ourselves, would save even more time. In addition, you can always distribute inexpensive, yet useful items such as mugs, caps, calendars and pens branded with your company logo and maybe contact details among customers. Promotional T shirts are also a great idea to attract attention for your seasonal deals, sales and new products.


Let’s not forget visiting cards. These are a great way to turn just about any lunch, dinner, golf game or even a shopping spree into a business meeting. Simply whip out the card and offer it to anyone to improve your network of potential customers and to have people talking about your business.

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