Unique Apparels according to your Zodiac Sign

Unique Apparels according to your Zodiac Sign (just for fun 😉


If you’re on the hunt for unique apparels that showcase your personal dress sense then Tshirt printing would be a great way to express your individual style. Ever tried dressing according to your zodiac sign? You can print your zodiac sign on your t shirts. Here’s a quick guide to each zodiac sign and how that can relate to your fashion and design choices.

Arians are trend setters wherever they go, but make sure not to over-do it! Choose mythological creatures and signs to print in multiple colours on both the front and back of your t shirt.



You prefer comfortable clothes all the time. Use a single colour to print simple designs, or your zodiac sign in solid colour on your t shirt.



Geminis have dual personalities thus love almost any kind of apparel. Go ahead and experiment with t shirt printing as you wish.



You admire beauty. Choose a variety of t shirts (full sleeve, half sleeve, round neck, turtle neck, and collared t shirts) and print your favourite quote, image or your zodiac sign on it.



You have an abundance of self confidence.  You naturally follow a royal appeal and your zodiac sign colours are gold and red. Dark colours also compliment your look. Remember less is more. Choose minimalistic designs for t shirt printing.

You love sensual designs.  White is the perfect colour for your style. Try printing bold graphics of your zodiac sign on a deep neck white t shirt.



You expect harmony and balance in love. Your zodiac sign colours include light to mid-blue so try printing your zodiac sign on t shirts of light blue and lilac.



Scorpions love seductive outfits. Women can try printing their zodiac sign on feminine t shirts that are decorated with lace.



You love to play around and often wear belts. Girls can print their zodiac sign on peasant t shirts, belted at the hip.



You always purchase good quality clothing. You prefer tailored clothing and designer labels. Your clothes are your status symbol. Adapt t-shirt printing as you like, print your zodiac sign on well tailored t shirts.



You are free-spirited and rebellious. You love to wear comfortable tees while daring to try loud and bold fashion statements. You can fabricate a wardrobe revolution with t shirt printing.



You are a day dreamer. You are creative so let your ideas flow to add unique tees to your wardrobe using t shirt printing. Print your zodiac sign and then add a bit of shimmer by sewing beads and sequins on your t shirt.


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