Types of T-Shirt Printing

Types of T-Shirt Printing

Promotional T Shirts is an excellent way to promote an event, business, organisation, cause or to express your creativity. What can you do when you want to spread awareness about a product or a brand? You can consult a professional T Shirt printing company who will accept bulk orders and deliver the goods within the shortest time span. This way you can get your staff, students, team or colleagues to promote whatever it is just by bearing the logo on their back or chest.

When you run a big business and require bulk T-Shirt printing, the screen printing technique becomes the best option as it is quick and cheap. The screen that is used in this method can be used for repeated productions with minimal hassle, thus enabling the products to be delivered in quick time and promptly delivered to the customer’s doorstep. The other technique that is commonly used is the heat pressing method which has roots back through history. This technique relies solely on heat and steam and is ideal for instances when you need to use multiple colours for the desired image. The designs that are produced are more attractive than the images applied through screen printing. The cost is a bit higher than the other methods, but the customer base still includes the younger generation and passionate art students who like to stand out from the crowd in T-shirts with bold wording and artwork that expresses their sense of creativity. Screen printing requires very few tools as well. A woven mesh and ink are the two main tools needed in order to accomplish the perfect image. A stencil extracted from the desired image is placed on top of the woven mesh. A T-shirt is then placed on a flat surface right underneath the screen. Next, with the use of a roller, the screen is exerted with pressure to force the ink to seep into the T-shirt material, thus producing the final outcome. As the screen can be used repetitively, this method is recommended for high volume orders as it is fast and economical.

DTG, or direct-to-garment, is the latest type of printing method used by the pioneer T-shirt manufacturing plants that need their printed T-shirts to be crisper and full of clarity. In such cases, DTG is the method that is most often opted for as it offers the best picture quality and allows many variations in design. So basically, how it works is that the T-shirt is placed in a printer that resembles the Ink Jet, and the desired design is then printed onto to the T-shirt by means of laser technology.


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