Tips for Top Quality T Shirt Printing

Tips for Top Quality T Shirt Printing

If you’re planning on designing custom t shirts for your staff or as an event giveaway you’ve probably already got a clear picture in your mind of the look you’re aiming to achieve. But now the question is how you can get it looking exactly how you envisage it. If you’re new to customising apparel then here are a few pointers for you to consider before you finalise your design and begin printing.

High quality design – Vector and high resolution raster images

The quality of the image you use for t shirt printing is critic to your final look. Using an image of low resolution, such as JPG and BMP file formats, and printing it much enlarged will make the resulting image pixilated. If you print the image bigger you just get bigger pixels. Therefore always use high resolution raster images for t shirt printing. The issue can be overcome by using vector images. Resolution will no longer be a concern because vector file formats like EPS pr SVG do not contain pixels. There are tools that help you convert raster files into vector format but remember they are only of limited use.

Use of colours

Often using only two colours you can create an impressive looking design. This is the easiest thing to do. You can use three or more colours but make sure it doesn’t confuse the image or text you’re displaying. If your design is based on a clever, bold idea it would look good even in black and white. Some colours are sought after in specific seasons or to associate a specific mood or feeling. If you intend to use quite a few different colours digital printing is the solution, while screen printing is ideal for printing using just a couple of colours.

Professional advice

If you’re making your own t shirt designs for the first time, be inspired by the work of professionals. But don’t commit your designs to print until you’ve consulted an honest and knowledgeable opinion.  Avoid wastage and boost your chance of producing top quality print images with the advice from the professionals who have the skills and expertise to address your needs.


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