The Method of T Shirt Embroidery

The Method of T Shirt Embroidery

T-shirt printing is a great way to get your designs on to t-shirts but that’s not the only thing that can be done on t-shirts. T-shirt embroidery is also very common today and can be a more personal and creative touch than simply printing on a t-shirt. Here is a little more info and inspiration about t-shirt embroidery, whether you wish to give it a go yourself or let the professionals work their needle charms to produce a design with real wow factor.

Firstly, selecting the material is very important. T-shirts are generally quite lightweight and stretchy therefore the stretchiness of the material needs to be stabilised. A stabiliser that keeps the shape and consistency of the fabric when washed should be used. Furthermore, a t-shirt consistently rubs against the skin hence the material should not be itchy or irritate your skin. Once the selected t-shirt has been pre-washed, turn it inside out and attach the mesh to the ‘inside out’ side of your t-shirt.

Now, the stretchiness of the t-shirt is stabilized and we have a mesh attached to it. A hoop holds the fabric taut so that your stitches form neatly. The stretch stabilisation and hoop should provide a strong base for the embroidery so that the stitches remain perfect before and after washing.

Mark the starting point of your embroidery, place the hoop on the embroidery machine and select the design you want. Next, place the t-shirt on the stabiliser with great care and attach two to three pins to make it hold. Place a water soluble stabiliser on the t-shirt to avoid stitches from dropping into the knit. Insert the desired needle, embroidery thread and bobbin and you are ready to begin sewing. With great care, stitch the t-shirt and your soluble stabilizer to the hoop stabilizer. Be careful for pins and remove them as they come along so that you do not sew over them.

Even though embroidery can be a little more expensive and time consuming compared to printing, embroidery shows a much greater level of thought, attention and design flare, therefore at the end of the day you should be pleased with your efforts.

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