The Basics of T shirt Printing

The Basics of T shirt Printing


Whether it’s for personal use, a hen night gift or for promotional use, finding the right t-shirt, the right printing techniques and a great design can be mind boggling, so it’s worthwhile getting a bit of advice from the professionals before you make your final decision.  Below is a basic guide to t-shirt printing.

In an ideal world you will be looking for the cheapest t-shirt with the best quality. But how will you go about finding that perfect combination? We recommend that you look beyond the marketing techniques and jargon to truly understand the quality of product and services on offer in the market place. Many companies can mislead you by giving limited or wrong information which could end up with you paying a lot more than you first thought, or with a disappointing, sub-standard product.  If you’re buying promotional t shirts to boost your brand then a top class image will be far more appealing to your potential customers.

The art of screen printing and digital printing depends on the kind of material it is put on. The higher the quality of the material, the better the quality of the final print. Therefore, choosing a top quality t-shirt material is vital in getting a good quality t-shirt print. In addition to the material, high quality ink, effective printers, skilled tailors and efficient and knowledgeable workers throughout the entire supply chain is also very important in finishing the product to a high standard. As the saying goes, better input leads to better output. If your t-shirt material is good but the tailor sewing the t-shirt, or the quality of ink used, is not that great, the finished product will not be its best. Therefore it is important to make sure that the resources at every stage of production are of premium quality for a finished product that beats the competition.

With such a competitive market you will be flooded with information and websites offering you products and packages, which on first appearance, are very similar.  However it may prove costly for you in the long run if you cut corners and choose a supplier based on a low quote alone.  Instead, look for a t-shirt printing company that will give you great service, are knowledgable and open about their production methods and costs and provide excellent quality at a decent price. Screenking (UK) will not require you to sacrifice an affordable deal for superior quality. Our rates reflect a very fair opportunity for all our valued customers, to whom we deliver top quality t-shirt printing.


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