T-shirts for Kids

T-shirts for Kids


Wouldn’t it be great if your kids could wear something fashionable but different to all the other kids, something fun and exciting for them to feel comfy and look cool in? T shirt printing is a great option if you dream of collecting new items with individual style for your toddlers’ wardrobe. And even for the smallest of cool kids, or the tallest in the class, t shirt printing technology is capable of decorating t shirts of any size, providing perfect fitting t shirts with original designs.


Digital t shirt printing is ideal for creating unique apparel for your kids. It uses a printer which soaks ink onto fabric to create an image. There are no limits to the designs or colours you can print on your kids t shirts so be imaginative. Obviously you will choose solid coloured t shirts but be adventurous and print images on t shirts that have stripes or dots to accentuate and complement your chosen print. A floral pattern or other loud prints for your background material might clash with your image, font or colours, but be experimental and find new combinations to wow and impress.


If you’re planning a promotional campaign for your business that provides goods and services specifically for kids, then you can target both the kids and their parents. A keen marketing trick by many businesses is free giveaways of branded stickers, t shirts and umbrellas in order to make their brand name popular. You can freely distribute t shirts that bear your brand name and logo on the front and back for both kids and parents in relevant sizes. Screen printing is a popular method of creating promotional t shirts to cater for bulk orders.


Ever wondered how screen t-shirt printing works? A stencil and ink are required. The stencil acts as a negative of the desired image and the ink is soaked into the areas that are not covered by the stencil. This way the image is achieved. Screen printing is the appropriate choice for producing hundreds of t shirts while digital printing or DTG (direct-to-garment) printing is perfect for a small number of t shirts.


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