T-Shirt Printing: The Perfect Marketing Tool

T-Shirt Printing: The Perfect Marketing Tool

Need to build your brand by helping people recognise your products? Design a T-shirt with a strong and effective logo that will permanently set in the minds of your existing customer base and potential future clients. It is important that the logo you design can be easily incorporated into every single T-shirt that will be worn by the group. Customised T-shirts or promotional T Shirts help let your customers know who you are, what to expect, and whom to approach when they need your products or services. For this purpose, consulting a professional T-shirt printing company is always the best marketing strategy you can use for the betterment of your business. There are a variety of clothing products in the market and selecting them can depend on your style and preference. Once you have settled with the desired T-shirt type, you can set out on designing a great logo. If you have already decided on the right logo all that is left to do is order a batch of T-shirts with your chosen logo. T Shirt printing will be worth every penny you invest.

In the T-shirt printing industry, you will find that there are three different methods that are commonly used. Each method has its own purpose and choosing the right method is important to avoid wasting money on a batch of T-shirts too large for your needs, or face low quality results. Out of the three methods, a common type used is heat transfer. This is quite a complicated process which needs a type of source of heat which is used to transfer the ink onto the T-shirt. The final outcomes of heat pressed T-shirts are usually crisp, clear and show more quality that a T-shirt that has been printed using the screen printing method. The design will first be printed using the appropriate mixture of ink, paper and printer. The design is then placed onto the shirt and heat is applied to it so as to achieve the desired effect. The ink tends to dry very quickly and in most cases is considered almost permanent. This printing process is a bit slower than the other two methods and is ideal for low and mid volume orders. The other two methods are screen printing and direct to garment which are both ideal for high volume production. Screen is cheaper comparatively and quicker as the screen that is used for a single logo can be used repeatedly, as desired. Direct to garment printing is a more sophisticated process that needs the help of a printer and laser technology in order to create high quality images with clarity and finesse.



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