Emojis – Perfect For T Shirt Printing

They say a picture paints a thousand words and this is particularly true when it comes to T shirt printing. Yes, the temptation will always be there to put a clever slogan on your shirt and leave it at that but there are so many more options these days that you’d be a little bit foolish not to put a brilliantly designed image on their somewhere as well, or instead of.

What could be more Millennial than designing a T shirt or custom hoodie covered in emojis instead of words? You could have so much fun coming up with different themes for your group, each T shirt saying something different. And imagine how much fun everyone will have trying to decipher what your shirts say. Why not have a prize for the first person to get them all right?

Those of you planning on having T shirts printed as a marketing tool would perhaps be wise to include a few emojis, no matter what demographic you’re targeting. A new report from Plusnet has found that the stereotype that it’s only young people and teenagers who use them but this is actually not the case. In fact, all demographics use them on a regular basis, including people over the age of 35. While this doesn’t mean that you always have to include emojis in your marketing and PR material, it does suggest that you shouldn’t be scared of including them wherever you think appropriate.

If you want to write out a phrase or saying in emojis, then it couldn’t be easier… simply translate away! But it might be a wise idea to use the Emoji Tracker website that gives you real-time updates on which emojis are the most popular and which are used the most on Twitter. By using emojis, you can actually prevent your messages from being lost in translation because the same little images are used around the world – which is obviously a huge plus for marketers trying to extend their brand’s reach! You can also make your brand seem more human and more engaging because you’re choosing to communicate in the same way that your audience does, which will really help to boost engagement.

New emojis are being designed all the time, to convey a huge array of different ideas and sentiments, so you’re sure to find ones that are perfect for whatever it is you’re trying to say. They’re getting so big these days in fact that you can now even tweet the official Google account with an emoji and the search giant will send you results related to whichever emoji you chose to send. So, for example, if you tweet @Google with a hamburger, they’ll send you a list of search results for top places to eat. Speaking to Digital Trends, a Googlespokesperson said: “Some trigger places to eat, others things to see and do, and others highlight lesser known features. We’re hoping people test it out and see what they find.”

So there you have it. If even Google is getting in on the emoji trend, perhaps it’s time you do too.