T-Shirt Printing and its Perks

T-Shirt Printing and its Perks

T-shirt printing has taken the textile industry by storm. It has become an increasingly popular trend for people to source T-shirt printing companies in order to promote their products and services in the form of an image or slogan on a T-shirt. T-Shirt Printing does not limit itself to commercial purposes alone. There are numerous instances when non-profit organisations use printed T-shirts to raise funds for charitable causes as well. The ability to design the T-shirt according to the customer’s own choice, style and preference, allowing them to modify and develop the design until maximum satisfaction is achieved, are the main reasons as to why T Shirt printing is considered as a smart and economical choice.  Why not get a photograph of your best friend, sibling, partner or loved one and express your love through T-shirt printing right there on your chest. These are lovely gifts too, a unique gesture to be cherished by those on the receiving end. Even schools and sports teams opt for printed T-shirts as it helps create awareness about their institution, committee, group or ‘’brand’’ that they represent. It is easy to generate a logo that represents the establishment with the help of the user friendly technology used in design today.

There are several ways to print T-shirts.  A common method used is screen printing, performed using a screen, as the name of the method suggests. This is a comparatively easy technique which enables the image to be transferred to the T-shirt resulting in a neat and clear finish. It’s quick, cheap, effective and popularly used around the world. The heat press method is something that most of us cherish as a childhood memory, when we used to iron images onto our T-shirts. This method is pretty much the same thing as well. Being one of the oldest methods of printing, plenty of individuals still use this technique even in today’s world. The only difference nowadays is that we use many more computer aided techniques to produce the paper transfers compared to those we used to print with. For this technique, a special material is used along with transparent ink that is printed onto the fabric of the T-shirt using means of heat.

Promotional T Shirts are an effective strategy used to promote a particular brand. They are cheap and can be quickly produced within a short time span, as the machinery and technology used in the printing industry is efficient and effective. It is a useful marketing tool for companies to regularly dress their staff in attire with branded logos, but which also brings added benefits by helping to build team spirit and increase moral and productivity.

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