T Shirt Printing – More than just a fashion statement

Promotional T shirtT Shirt Printing – More than just a fashion statement


A T shirt has become the most common commodity in your Wardrobe and you know your wardrobe would not be complete without it. It comes in different styles such as open collar, no collar, sleeveless, long sleeve and so much more. Just as it comes in different styles, it has various designs and patterns too. It is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable garments you will ever own.

T Shirt printing has become a fashion statement for most young people today. It also has made a benchmark in the world of advertising and it is often used in personal lives such as when you want to give a truly unique gift to your loved one, and among couples the concept of the ‘half-T Shirt is also alive and kicking. In the advertising industry, what better way to get your message across other than living, talking walking billboards? It’s most often used in charity walks and events, and most companies give out

T Shirts with the company logo on it to their employees. Getting a promotional T Shirt is still one of the best ways to advertise your product and get the word out as this makes way for a mobile way of communication, you never know just where your product is going to be sitting at next. After all it’s free advertising, making it a cost effective alternative to other methods as it could continue to keep promoting your brand in the many years to come even after it’s intended use has long been over.

No matter what idea you may have in mind, there is absolutely no point if you do not get the idea in your head transmitted perfectly on to your T Shirt. Therefore it is imperative to find a T Shirt printing company that truly understands what you want. At Screening.co.uk, who are professionals that have been in the trade for over 25 years, that is just what you are going to get. Perfection and eye for detail is a guaranteed part of the package. With Screening.co.uk you can also request a quote for a particular design you have in mind, before you actually commit to it.

T Shirt printing techniques mostly include Direct to Garment also known as DTG and screen printing. It takes a vastly experienced company to know how to separate print colours in your design and ensure that the finished product looks great!

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