T-shirt Crowdfunding Campaigns

T-shirt Crowdfunding Campaign

Raise funds for FREE with a T-shirt Crowdfunding Campaign from www.dtgtshirts.co.uk Crowdfunding is a perfect way to raise funds for a variety of reasons and needs.

Create a design using our campaign software and then share your campaign web address (created wT-shirt Crowdfundingith the campaign) on Social media.

Create, Share and Profit!

  • No Risk
  • No Cost
  • You Create
  • You Share
  • We Print & Post
  • You Keep the Profits

Everybody loves a printed t-shirt and you can use the Crowdfunding Campaign if your an individual who wants to test selling t-shirt designs, charity raising funds or for any other reason.

All you need to do is head over to www.dtgtshirts.co.uk and create your campaign, set a selling price and goal (amount you want to sell) and then share the website address generated to raise awareness of your T-shirt Crowdfunding Campaign.

There are no costs to you only your time designing your t-shirt and promoting your campaign. Once you have reached your campaign goal (can be as low as 1 t-shirt) we then produce and post your t-shirts for you, and your profit is sent automatically via PayPal.

Get T-shirt Crowdfunding Today! www.dtgtshirts.co.uk

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