Recycle Fashion: Create Tube Tops Using Old T Shirts

Recycle Fashion: Create Tube Tops Using Old T Shirts

With an idea in your mind you can expand your wardrobe without spending much! Let your creativity flow and design garments and accessories that can’t to be found in stores. Digital t shirt printing is a high tech process for printing artwork on materials. However, you can sew, make patterns with beads and dare to experiment with a handmade creation. This article explains how you can craft unique tube tops from your old t shirts. Follow the instructions to enhance your wardrobe with a beautiful new addition.


  • Turn your T shirt inside out.
  • Cut the sleeves off the tee shirt, including the stitching that holds the sleeves in place.
  • Cut off the top of the t shirt about an inch below the neck hole in a straight line. Be careful to cut in a straight and even line through both layers of the t shirt.
  • Pin the cut edges of the t shirt which held the sleeves. Sew the side edges. You now have the tube of your tube top.
  • Measure the diameter of your chest, just above your bust line, right where your armpits start.
  • Subtract ¼ inch from the measurement and cut a piece of elastic matching that length.
  • Fold the top inch, all the way around the top of the tube, and pin it in place.
  • Attach a safety pin to one end of the piece of elastic and move it through the folded area. When the elastic has covered the entire diameter sew the two ends of the elastic.
  • Turn the top right side out. Your tube top is ready to wear!

You can create an awesome looking tube top with a t shirt that you no longer like to wear. So not only will you save money but you’ll have a truly original item that you can wear with pride and be the envy of your fashion seeking friends.

Try t shirt printing your favorite quote on a solid colour t shirt and then make a tube top out of it. Draw an imaginary line along the two armpits and print your graphic on the t shirt below the line. You can print on both the front and back of the t shirt. If you want to print in bulk then you should use a screen printing method.

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