Print Your Own T-Shirt

Print Your Own T-Shirt

T-shirt printing is the best thing to ever happen to the apparel industry. There are various types of T shirt printing services that are available on the market. They are all capable of creating prints on kids, men’s, women’s T-shirts and any size promotional T Shirts. Out of the lot, the most common type is definitely screen printing which is done by using a screen which filters the ink onto the portion that needs a print on. A stencil made of non-permeable material is used and acts as a negative of the image in concern. The ink then seeps into the areas without the permeable material and the outcome is the beautiful image that is desired. The use of this screen helps obtain an image with perfect outlines and maximum neatness which makes the print look most appealing to the eye. Screen printing is highly popular for mass production as the stencils can be used repeatedly to reproduce the same image without having to be replaced each time. Because of this, screen printing is the strategy used when we need to produce printed T Shirts and promotional T Shirts in bulk. Screen printing is far better than embroidery printing in most aspects, especially for a big run of shirts for the mass market in quick time.

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is another method used with the means of a printer that is specifically meant for creating images straight onto fabric. The process resembles ink jet printing which basically performs the same task. This method however is comparatively faster and allows you to splurge your creativity as DTG printing allows for many colour variations. Next is the heat transfer method of printing which is done by application of heat in order to transfer the desired image from a carrier material, most commonly paper, onto the fabric of the T shirt. Remember how we used to iron a transfer onto our T-shirts and shirts when we were young? This is the same principle followed with the heat transfer method as well.

Assume you run or own a company that employees a significant number of staff and you are looking for new ways to advertise your business. How could you build recognition for your group? Well, a great way would be to consult a reliable T-shirt printing company and order a bulk of promotional T-shirts that will get your company and logo seen out there by the public.



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