How T-shirt Printing can Boost Brand Awareness

How T-shirt Printing can Boost Brand Awareness

Wearing the very latest fashions is a must for many people but some items of clothing stand the test of time and never become outdated. The t shirt has been enjoyed by generations and to this day there are no age restrictions for wearing this comfy classic. Clothes fashion not only serves to promote the styles and trends of popular clothing designers but can be used to market businesses and organisations across any industry. Used in this way, logos and images of a particular brand will gain exposure to the public and awareness of their product, service or cause via the printed design. A simple yet effective logo, emblem, name or slogan printed in company colours is a method of advertising which can encourage valuable brand recognition.

At Screenking we adopt a number of t-shirt printing methods; screen printing, transfers using heat press, direct to garment (DTG) and computer cut vinyl designs.  Screen printing is a traditional and highly effective method of high quality printing on fabric for larger quantities of the same design with minimal hassle and cost. The heat press method is technically very different to screen printing, performed using heat to bind ink to the t shirt, unlike screen printing which builds an image with a silk screen for each colour of the design. DTG is a much newer, inkjet technology method of detailed printing for small volume orders in full colour at the best value.  Computer cut vinyl caters well for one off print runs of simple, block colour images or text.

A clear advantage of t shirt printing is that you can customise the t shirt to satisfy your personal taste or business requirements. Designs, colours and fabrics can be selected to best portray your brand distinctively, with a strong and positive image. If you need any design assistance, try our powerful online designer tool or contact the Screenking team today.

Professional and amateur sports clubs are one of the most prolific users of t shirts with different designs being released each season to kit out their players, officials and support staff. Providing good quality printing to professional teams is highly important to match the standards and high profile image they wish to portray to their die-hard fans and competitors. Eye catching to the fans and a statement to others, jerseys can easily be customised with a favourite player’s number, name or initials.

Custom tshirt printing is hugely beneficial for many large scale business organisations. Well designed printed t shirts for staff members to wear as uniform, to showcase at events or for promotional giveaways, all such garments will play an important role in boosting brand awareness for your target market.



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