Top Trends For Your Promotional Apparel Next Year

When it comes to branded merchandise, there’s actually not much better than hoodie printing these days. When it comes to printing on clothes, however, there are a few trends that you might want to follow if you want to see sales of your merchandise increase rather than plateau or worse, drop into the oblivion.

Writing for the Advertising Speciality Institute, Christopher Ruvo revealed some of the top trends for branded apparel likely to come to the fore in 2017, with retro and vintage designs making a comeback, as well as flannel cloth and colour-blocking.

Short-sleeve sweatshirts are expected to be big news next year, particularly with female audiences, so this would be worth bearing in mind. And blocks of colour can really make T shirts and polo shirts come alive in a new and fresh way, so consider investing in shirts that come with coloured sleeves to help you make an impact.

Pleats were also cited as something likely to be big in 2017, something that can really help to add interest to shirts. As for colours, pink and green were predicted to really make something of a splash for the next 12 months, so consider opting for these shades instead of plain white or black.

Another trend expected to stay strong in 2017 was camouflage accents and patterns, whether that’s on caps, shirts or fleeces.

It’s certainly worth keeping an eye on what people want to wear so that you don’t waste your time coming up with a design for a hoody that customers simply won’t spend their money on. If you want further advice, get in touch with us today.