Get The Right Gear For Your Charity Run

It’s that time of year again when, following a week or so of overindulgence at Christmas and over New Year’s Eve, we all make our resolutions. And for many people, that means doing more exercise.

To really commit to hitting the gym or pounding the pavements in your running shoes, you could sign up for a charity run in 2017. After all, this not only means you have to do some running, but you can be motivated by raising money for a good cause as well as shedding a few pounds.

There are literally hundreds of charity runs staged all over the UK, from the most famous like the London Marathon to local 10k races that are a little more achievable for those new to running.

But with so many options – and so many people lining up alongside you at the start line – how can you get noticed, and get your chosen charity noticed, among the crowd.

While fancy dress might seem like a good idea, running around in a giant animal suit, or dressing up in a similarly unwieldy costume will quickly feel like a very bad idea once you get started.

You could, however, invest in custom T-shirts not only for you as the runner, but also for your supporters who can line the route, cheer you on and even encourage other spectators to donate a couple of quid to your cause.

This is a particularly good option if you’re running for a very specific local cause, rather than for a larger charity that people know of. Get creative with your slogans and don’t forget to include details of how and where people can donate to support you. And if you’re organised, you can wear your T-shirt while you’re out training, as well as for the race itself.