What About Turning Your Kids’ Drawings Into Custom T Shirts?

If you have young children at home, you know there’s no limits to their imaginations – something that should certainly be encouraged and fostered at every opportunity.

And what better way to get them incredibly excited about their potential future career as a fine artist than by having their designs and scribblings saved forever and ever amen on a custom t shirt, hoodie or other item of clothing. You can bet that they’ll absolutely love wearing the clothes they’ve designed themselves out and about – and that they’ll get tonnes of compliments wherever they go.

Why don’t you sit down with them and see if there are any drawings that they’re particularly proud of or that you had fun doing together and then get in touch with us here at Screen King to see how we can help you turn your design on paper into a design on fabric as well. You could even do different designs for every member of the family – imagine all the fun you’ll have!

Take inspiration for this idea from none other than renowned fashion designer Victoria Beckham, who back in November revealed her design for her yearly annual World AIDs Day T shirt, which she came up with along with five-year-old daughter Harper.

She told the Daily Telegraph that Harper’s drawing will feature on both T shirts for both adults and children, with the aim being to help raise awareness of Born Free Africa and promote the work that they’re doing on the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission process.