Top Gift Ideas For New Big Siblings

When a new baby is born, it can throw family dynamics a bit, particularly for older siblings. That is why many parents decide to get their first-borns a little gift from their new brother or sister to ease the transition of no longer being their centre of attention.

Here are a few ideas that go down a treat:

– Personalised T-shirts

 If your little one is able to read, why not spoil them with a new personalised ‘Best Big Sister’ or ‘Best Big Brother’ T-shirt?

You can create a custom T-shirt with their favourite colours and even add an image or print if you want to. They’ll love it and, no doubt, want to show it off to all your many visitors who come round to see the baby, allowing them to get some attention from friends and relatives too.


– Matching clothing

 For those of you who are super-organised, you could get your hands on matching children and baby T-shirts while you’re still expecting. That way, when the baby is born, your kids can wear identical tops that will encourage a bond between the pair – and it’ll look great in some of your first family photos.

You could even arrange a photoshoot with a professional snapper to capture the moments forever.

By personalising your T-shirts, you could get whatever you wanted printed on, including fun ideas like ‘Big Sister’ and ‘Little Sister’. If you don’t yet know the gender of your new baby, you could instead opt for something more neutral like ‘Best friends’, or ‘Original surname’ and ‘Baby surname’.