4 Ideas For Christmas Custom Hoodies

There are just 33 short, short days until December 25th so now’s the time to start getting into the festive spirit if you haven’t done so already. Who doesn’t love a Christmas jumper at this time of year and who doesn’t love Christmas custom hoodies? If you want to give your pals or family yuletide sweaters this year, why not come up with your own design ideas? Here are a few suggestions to get you going.

Christmas quotes

Come up with something that everyone will love or pick a theme and find different quotes for each of your hoodies for every member of your family. Challenge yourself to find the perfect quote for each individual person. It might be harder than you think!

Christmas films

Sit down and watch a few festive films to really give you some food for thought. There’s the classic Home Alone line “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal”, which has already cropped up on sweaters and jumpers in the past, or what about a line from Elf, one of the most popular modern Christmas movies of all time.

Christmas carols

One of the loveliest parts of Christmas is getting together and singing carols, whether that’s in church, in the car or at home around the piano. Really get into the spirit of it all with jumpers with your favourite Christmas carol lyrics on them. Go modern or stay traditional, either way your festive sweatshirts and hoodies will really help people have a great December 25th.

Christmas food

If you’re going to give everyone customised hoodies as a present, why don’t you find out what their favourite festive fare is and have that as a design on a jumper? What could possibly be better?