Choosing the Right T-shirt Printing Type

Choosing the Right T-shirt Printing Type


If you want a certain product, there are many ways of getting it or making it. Technology has advanced so much today to give you a wide range of options for getting the job done. When it comes to t-shirt printing, the market provides us with three different options. Each of these printing types can print t-shirts for men, women and kids. In addition to t-shirts, hoodies and other types of promotional clothing can also be printed. Each of these printing types has their own pros and cons, so for this reason they each focus on a niche where they fit best.

The three most commonly used Tshirt printing types are screen printing, direct to garment DTG printing and heat transfer printing. Screen printing is done by using a screen that filters the ink to particular areas which are to be printed on. A stencil, known as the negative of the proposed image is produced by using non-permeable material. The ink is then absorbed into the areas of material that are permeable, hence producing a controlled image. Screen printing is the most common of all three and is generally recommended for mass printing on t-shirts or hoodies. This is because a stencil is created and it can be used repeatedly for production.

Direct to garment printing works just like a conventional ink jet printer. Exactly like the way in which paper is printed on with an ink jet printer, the image gets printed on a t-shirt by a special printer for printing on material. This kind of printing is faster than screen printing and provides the user with more colour variations for their printed design.

Heat transfer printing, as the name suggests, uses heat to transfer a picture from a paper called a carrier paper onto the t-shirt material. The ink is transferred from the surface of the carrier paper to the fabric by using heat pressure on the carrier paper. A very common way of performing this technique is by ironing on the carrier paper for some time until the ink moves on to the t-shirt.

Depending on the kind of product you require and the quantity of products will indicate which type of printing is most suitable for your particular need. Each style caters accordingly. Large quantities are catered for by screen printing or heat transfer printing as these methods are not very costly. Smaller print jobs but of high quality can be done through direct to garment printing. T shirt printing is a flexible, affordable promotional solution for a broad range of customers.

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